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Dominating this exclusive field, Axis House is leading the way in assisting Specifiers to realise the full potential of Barrier Matting as a vital part of an entrance design.

Traffic levels are very varied depending on the building capacity, but offer excellent scope for aesthetically impressive Entrance Matting design. As the reception area effectively portrays the company values or the buildings’ distinction, so the Entrance Matting can be used to support and enhance these standards.

Efficient performance, longevity and ease of maintenance are essential for every area, and when combined with an innovative design, make way for some of the most exciting installations.

Axis House have supplied to the following projects:

  • The Shard, London
  • Cannon Place London
  • Bishopgate Tower, London
  • Broadgate Tower, London
  • 199 Bishopgate, London
  • Exchequer Court, 33 St Marys Axe, London
  • 10 Fenchurch Street, London
  • 25 Bedford Street, London
  • Draper Gardens, London
  • Bank of America, Canary Wharf
  • Network Rail Headquarters, Milton Keynes
  • NMR Bank Headquarters, London
  • Project Scan, Manchester
  • Project Phoenix, Trafford Park
  • Sir John Lyon House, London
  • Nationwide Headquarters, Bournemouth
  • NBG Bank
  • Pinewood Headquarters, Wokingham
  • Clairville House, London
  • 52 Park Street, Camberley
  • Thames Valley Park Offices, Reading
  • IBM Headquarters, Portsmouth

Specification Guidelines

System Specification Hardwearing material such as Stainless Steel, aluminium or PVC, with high performance inserts. External matting recommended with rubber inserts, combination rubber and polyamide fibre inserts within circular doors, and polyamide fibre inserts internally
Matwell Size Matwells should cover the full width of the entrance doors and recommended to extend between 4-8m in the traffic direction. Where matwell size is restricted, surface bonded high performance fibre can be considered for increased performance
Volume of Traffic Medium to High, depending on size/capacity of the building
Type of Traffic Heavy wear: Foot traffic / Wheeled briefcases / Wheelchairs etc.
External Environment Often exposed areas with hard surfaces – prevention of moisture ingress is primary
Internal Environment Effective soil & moisture removal for protection of internal floor finishes and the prevention of slips on hard floors due to surface moisture