High quality polyamide secondary sheet fibre, designed for optimum performance and aesthetics in all commercial applications.

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INTRAlux Elite Features

  • 1080g/m² pile weight for optimum durability and comfort
  • Polyamide fibre for effective moisture absorption – 5.4L/m²
  • 33% recycled Econyl yarn for excellent environmental credentials
  • Surface mounted or shallow recessed applications
  • Excellent fire resistance and acoustic absorption
  • Available as an insert within aluminium systems
  • The ultimate secondary Entrance Matting solution
A 2mm
B 7mm
1 PVC Backing
2 Fibre pile
3 Subfloor



Product Reference INTRAlux Elite, Polyamide Sheet Barrier Matting
Material I080g/m² pile weight recycled polyamide fibre with
PVC backing
Installation With surface of mat level with adjoining floor
Surface mounted with low profile ramped edging trim
Construction Econyl recycled polyamide yarn (33%) and vinyl
Total Weight 4260g/m2
Depth 9mm
Fire Rating Cfl-s1
Roll Size 2000mm x 25m


608 Black
607 Anthracite
606 Grey
602 Blue
605 Brown
609 Purple
610 Turquoise
604 Coco
601 Red

Typical Specification:

N10 General Fixtures /
Furnishings / Equipment, 300 Entrance Matting


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E: info@intramatting.com

Product Reference:

INTRAlux Elite Polyamide Sheet Fibre

Product Description:

1080g/m² Fibre matting, Econyl recycled polyamide material, colour (reference).