A Heavy Duty interlocking tile system, suitable for shallow recessed areas and for surface mounting. A versatile system that offers exceptional durability and ensures
effective performance in high traffic areas.

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INTRAlink Low Profile Features

  • Low Profile design for shallow recessed or surface mounted applications
  • Interlocking tile format for ease of installation
  • Very durable for high traffic areas
  • Dimensionally stable and heel proof
  • Quality polyamide fibre inserts for optimum moisture absorption
  • Excellent visual appearance
  • Compatible with electronic tagging systems
  • Plain tile version for external use and as a feature border tile
A 14mm
B 11.5mm
C 183mm tile module
1 Finished Floor surface
2 Recessed matwell frame
3 Levelling latex to matwell base
4 Screed sub-floor
5 Screw fixings


Product Reference INTRAlink Low Profile PVC Grid Entrance Matting
INTRAlink Low Profile Plain PVC Grid Entrance
Installation In suitable recessed matwell area with surface of mat
level with adjoining floor covering
Surface mounted applications with use of ramped
Location Interior area – with high quality polyamide fibre inserts
Exterior area – Plain tile version
Construction Heel-proof Open Construction
Interlocking Tile Format
– Tile size 305mm(L-R) x 183mm (F-B)
UV resistant, hardwearing and elastic PVC
– with polyamide fibre inserts
Depth 11mm to top of grid
Temp. Resistance PVC resistance: -20°C – + 70°C
Hardness Shore A 75
Weight 8.4kg/m²
Packaging Packaged in cases of 18 tiles – 1m²
Matwell Framing INT014 / INTR012


Tile Colour

Black & Anthracite
Black Plain

Other colours available upon request

Typical Specification:

N10 General Fixtures /
Furnishings / Equipment,
300 Entrance Matting


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T: +44(0)1425 472000 F: +44(0)1425 481981
E: info@intramatting.com

Product Reference:

Product Reference:
INTRAlink Low Profile Entrance Matting
Product Reference (Plain Tile): INTRAlink Low Profile Plain Entrance Matting

Product Description:

Product Description:
INTRAlink Low Profile Matting, with Fibre inserts (colour), open construction. To
be installed with Plain Border Tile as required. To be installed in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.
Product Description (Plain Tile): INTRAlink Low Profile Plain Matting, Open Construction. To be installed in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions