Slips and trips are the most common cause of injury at workplace. They can happen anywhere, from shopping centre to sports facilities to offices or restaurants.  On average, they cause 40 per cent of all reported major injuries and can also lead to other types of serious accidents. A good management system can help identify problem areas and ensure sensible measures are implemented to control these risks. This starts with a risk assessment, and the risk assessment strategy starts with asking what the employees think the main hazards are, then setting up a hazard sporting checklist to classify different problematic areas and finally implementing steps to preventing injuries.

We believe the important step to take when preventing injuries starts by assessing the entrance. A badly installed or a faulty Entrance Matting system can often do more bad than good as it might not stop all the dirt or moisture being trafficked into the building. This simple fault can have radical consequences and create unnecessary health and safety hazards. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) estimate that slip, trip and fall injuries cost the UK approximately 1 billion pounds per year. The lack of entrance Matting can also mean your cleaning expenses are increased. As few as 150 people entering a facility can track almost half a kilo of dirt in a 5-day work week – costing over £30,000 annually to remove! Did you know that 2.1 million working days are lost due to slips! We know this can be avoided.

At INTRAsystems health and safety is something we are very serious about and matting is our passion. Our longstanding flagship product offering INTRAflex XT embodies these qualities perfectly. It combines the strengths of heavy duty aluminium and the durability of rubber/brush/fibre inserts to optimise dirt and moisture removal. INTRAflex XT is a highly versatile product which is suitable for wheelchair usage, is heel proof and can withstand heavy wheeled traffic such as shopping trolleys, luggage cases and access equipment. Adding to the benefits of INTRAflex XT it is suitable for both internal and external applications making it the perfect choice to welcome anyone to your premises.  We aim to ensure building interiors are kept safe and clean in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner

Ultimately, choosing to invest in proper entrance matting will not only keep the costs of your building maintenance down but also help in the long run in reducing slips and trips and any litigation that could follow!

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