How can we fit new flooring with minimum down time?
How can we change our flooring to reflect new colours and branding with minimum disruption?

Is there any options to fit quality heavy duty flooring in a specific area in our store for a short period to highlight specific merchandise that are on promotion?

These are just some of the questions that Intrasystems have heard when discussing challenges that retailers face.   There is no lack of beautifully designed flooring – options on colours, textures and shapes have rapidly grown over the last decade as manufacturers vie for attention from the increasingly discerning specifier, however the basic challenges over installation and flexibility have not been answered.

The whole philosophy behind the launch of INTRAtile was to answer the market concerns and provide a quality, heavy duty luxury vinyl tile in an attractive range of finishes which dealt with the questions posed above.  With a unique magnetic installation process the product can be installed rapidly without any wet trade which significantly reduces downtime for the Client.  The tiles magnetic backing fixes to the underlay material to give a perfect installation which is suitable for the most heavy commercial traffic, yet it can still be very simply uplifted and re-laid in a new area if the store decides to change their display layouts.  New colours types of tiles can be fitted onto existing underlay if stores are undergoing a cosmetic refresh or rebranding without the normally disruptive process of uplifting product that has been stuck down which often means areas have to be re-latexed before new tiles can be then stuck down.

Another unique benefit of INTRAtile is that it can be very easily fitted over existing hard floorcoverings – it is a perfect solution for the supermarket or department store that wants to create a specific area for selling certain products that highlights it from the rest of the store.  An existing terrazzo or ceramic tiled floor can quickly have a luxury wood effect floor installed over part of it to create that inviting coffee shop or home furnishing area – the possibilities are endless and all because of the remarkable flexibility of the INTRAtile product.

Available in two distinctive ranges of Wood and Stone the impressive selection of colours and finishes provide for all types of décor and the embossed texture to highlight the wood grain and the bevelled edges to the tiles creates an authentic feel to the floor.

We believe INTRAtile opens totally new opportunities for specifiers, design teams and retail store owners.  Call Intrasystems to get samples and further details on the range and let us help you transform your stores today.