Modern architects are constantly working on making building an art statement and bringing them to a totally new level though innovative designs, the materials used and the features they have. One of those materials is Stainless Steel. The characteristics of stainless steel, notably its corrosion resistance, aesthetic appearance, and mechanical properties, make it ideal for many architectural applications. Optimum performance is achieved by taking into account these characteristics when designing in stainless steel. Stainless Steel is also an environmentally friendly material, which makes it fit for use in any building.



Stainless Steel also has a wide range of applications.

This extremely durable and practical material is characterized by high aesthetics and elegance. INTRAgrille by INTRAsystems offers a strong value proposition to architects looking to design in stainless steel. Thanks to its increased mechanical resistance, INTRAgrille is suitable for application in drainage systems, as well as used in closed premises such as garages, market halls, workshops, production halls, car washes and others. Thanks to its highly aesthetic properties INTRAgrille gains the edge when it comes to internal and external applications, including office blocks, offices, schools and stadiums. This external application also extends to the cladding of building to give them a truly stunning and unique appearance.


Metal wire meshes and grids are ideal for use as signs, advertising boards and furniture, and they effectively conceal undesirable components. INTRAgrille’s strong aesthetic proposition is the reason why it can be successfully used as elements of market stands, display shelves or racks. It is also available in a wealth of designs that make the grids ideally suitable for landscape architecture, in features such as fountains, urban greenery, playgrounds, benches, garden furniture and décor.


 Other applications including:
  • Ventilation/service trench covers
  • Interior and exterior drainage covers
  • Walkways & Stairtreads
  • Decorative Cladding/wall features
  • Lighting covers
  • Bespoke manufactured – unlimited variables
  • on profile size/design, support profile, and
  • profile spacing
  • Radial & tubular designs possible to suit
  • curved/bespoke applications



At INTRAsystems we believe in the power of stainless steel and using our INTRAgrille products you too can create some stunning building which really stand out above the rest. Call us today to see how we can help create a 21stCentury solution for you.