Healthcare facilities have the responsibility of curing patients and improving their health. Along with doctors and medical staff, the institutions are required to maintain a healthy and safe atmosphere inside their premises.

Healthcare facilities are highly sterile environments and they need to use suitable flooring that offers total protection against dust and the ingress of foot borne moisture by keeping it outside the premises as well as adding toughness and longevity. The installation of professional matting for healthcare facilities can not only reduce slips and trips by creating a safe environment but also add to the hospital’s aesthetic value.

With hygiene being a critical factor, Entrance Matting should be quick and easy to thoroughly clean. It is recommended that matting is pressure or steamed cleaned periodically, and a system that is straightforward to remove from the matwell is therefore ideal.

What type of matting is best for Healthcare Institutes?

At INTRAsystems we believe that matting should not only be functional but should also look good. With that in mind our INTRAform is a highly innovative product that offers excellent performance and longevity in high traffic areas as well as versatile installation for all entrance designs. For the £842m South Glasgow University Hospital, INTRAform Heavy Duty Entrance Matting was selected for use.

INTRAform Features:

Heavy Duty Aluminium Plank System Interlocking sections for ease of installation and versatile use Range of Inserts – Fibre, Rubber and Brush Closed construction this product has a number of advantages: it is simple to clean and maintain, it is exceptionally hardwearing and durable, is fully DDA compliant, is suitable for wheelchair access and is 90% Recycled product

INTRAsystems have supplier matting to the following projects:

  • South Bristol Community Hospital
  • Shelton Hospital, Shrewsbury
  • Great Ormond Street, London
  • Peterborough Hospital
  • Norwich Hospital
  • Bournemouth Hospital
  • Poole Hospital
  • And many more…


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