From primary school to universities, where there is a large amount of footfall in and out of the building, it is important to have the right Entrance Matting to maintain safety and appearance of the building. For any educational institute, maintaining a safe yet an aesthetically pleasing environment can be an important step towards attracting new talented students to your institutes.

At INTRAsystems we know the importance of having the correct Entrance Matting and understand the role it plays by preventing the ingress of dirt and absorbing moisture in the fibres. It is estimated that on average 0.58g of dirt is brought into the building with each entrant, and research suggests that almost 80% of this dirt comes from the soles of shoes and on tyres of wheeled traffic. Keeping this dirt at bay is imperative in keeping facilities in the best shape.

What Type Of Entrance Matting is Best?

Every entrance is different and the requirement for the type of Entrance Matting can vary according to different factors such as the location; whether it is internal or external, whether it is near a playing field or there is sufficient drainage and so on.

For example, INTRAbrush is a high-quality Bristle Brush Entrance Matting with open construction that allows the dirt particles to fall into the matwell base. It is designed for external applications. The aggressive scraping action makes it excellent for buildings near fields and sports grounds where studded footwear and excessive coarse dirt is expected. Our INTRAflex XT offers similar protection against dirt and can also be used internally offering a wide range of inserts and anodisation colours to truly enhance the reception. Finally, products like INTRAform DM offers superior protection against the ingress of moisture with the extra wide fibre inserts.

As the majority of educational projects are centrally funded, budget is often limited. Pragmatic planning is therefore essential, ensuring areas of highest traffic are identified and funds maximised by focusing on these areas. Experience has shown that there is no price too high for safety and the protection of internal floor coverings, which can be very costly to repair if damaged. The INTRAlink product has been exceptionally successful in these areas, due to its high performance, durability, competitiveness, and its versatility of use and maintenance.

Our Industry Knowledge

All our Entrance Matting solutions have the ability to integrate into the education sector. We fully endorse the use of recessed matting solutions to trap dirt and moisture, thereby maintaining cleanliness, safety and reducing maintenance costs.

Working with the designers of buildings such as Southampton Solent University, Oxford Brooks University, National Graphene Institute, Budmouth Technology College and many more, we have gained a valuable insight into helping Educational Institutions attract new students, by keeping internal environments clean and safe.

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