Customers and visitors of public buildings probably won’t ever think about the floor they’re walking on. In the most common types of venues there’s usually something far more interesting to them happening a little higher up than their feet, but this can have a big impact on the look and feel of the place and Entrance Matting is one product that has played a pivotal role in keeping your venues clean and safe yet most people walk past it without realising it. For any public building keeping its occupants safe is paramount. Entrance Matting can not only ensure safety but also help to keep your costs down as well as keeping your facilities looking at their finest.  This blog will look at how.

Floors of public buildings are also exposed to extremes of load by way of freight and footfalls every day that greatly increases their wear and tear over time. This wear and tear can also be caused by the ingress of dirt and potential moisture. This can create unnecessary health and safety risks and cause damage to the internal floor finishes.  Public buildings such as galleries, hospitals, libraries, theatres and many more are amongst a few who fall under this category. For these buildings, their first impressions are everything and a dirty floor can be enough to put people off from visiting. On average, approximately 0.58g of soil is brought into the building with every entrant. This is where an effective Entrance Matting systems forms the first front line of defence against dirt and moisture. By installing Entrance Matting you can effectively reduce the ingress of dirt and moisture and ultimately improve the safety of the building. Cleaning costs are estimated to be between £600-£1000 per kg of soil removed, by preventing any significant ingress of soil, costs will be reduced dramatically.

What are the examples of Entrance Matting at work

For hospitals where cleanliness and durability is everything choosing a flooring that can perform is crucial, the UK’s newest hospital, the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital was built on the site of the original Southern General Hospital and now includes the Royal Hospital for Children. This super hospital offers state-of-the-art facilities in an extremely well designed environment. Clearly, effective prevention of the ingress of soil and moisture was essential for the project, and the INTRAform Heavy Duty Entrance Matting was selected for use. The high-quality polyamide fibre insert absorbs up to 5.4L/m² of moisture, allowing highly effective performance even in times of inclement weather and heavy traffic.


On the other hand, for libraries and theatre trapping dirt and moisture at the entrance is important. The INTRAflex XT Heavy Duty Entrance Matting system is ideal for use in the main entrance areas of these public buildings providing optimum durability, performance and aesthetics. INTRAform Double Module is another product that offers superior performance at reducing the ingress of dirt and moisture. At INTRAsystems we believe that the perfect Entrance Matting creates a welcoming and yet defining characteristics for a building, enhancing the entire interior environment by keeping the internal floors clean and therefore safe and aesthetically pleasing. INTRAsystems has a lasting legacy of quality solutions in locations throughout UK and Europe. With over 40 years’ experience in working with a range of industries we have provided innovative products and unmatched service to our clients. Partnering with INTRAsystems you can specify with confidence. Call us today on 01425 472000 and see find out how we can help you create an amazing entrance.