To start with, statistics tell it all…


Did you know that 36% of reported injuries in 2014/2015 were as a result of slips, trips and falls caused by rain? That’s according to And as if that’s not enough, a huge number of people get injured because of such accidents in most premises.


What Does This Mean?

At this point, one thing’s certain- that in addition to the visible impact of rain on outdoor activities, excess rain brings adverse effects on our daily lives as it contributes to unexpected accidents.


So What Should Be Done?

Both slips and trips are as a result of some unexpected change in contact between the feet and the walking surface. This shows that preventative measures are critical for preventing such accidents. One of the first and most important ways of preventing slips and falls is the correct use of mats both internally and externally. Additionally, placing a mat on your premises will ensure moisture and soil is scraped off the bottom of the footwear.


How Entrance Mats Benefits Hospitals and Care Homes

An entrance mat should not just be placed in the front lobby; it should begin at the entrance and extend all the way to other major traffic areas in the hospital or care home. Mats not only dress up a building but also keep dirt, moisture and soil from getting trailed into the facility. The more contaminants get trapped at the entrance, the less risk there is for trip and slips especially since internal floors are smooth and seamless.


Both external and interior matting is recommended at the entrance of a building. The outer mat removes large particles of soil and debris from shoes, while the inside mat provides additional protection from contaminants by catching extra dirt and moisture before they are dragged into the facility. This combination helps keep floors clean and ensures safety is prioritized.


Bear in mind that most visitors and patients in hospitals and care homes are senior and therefore more vulnerable to slip hazards. It is, therefore, crucial that mats be placed in heavy tread areas such as foyers. One other benefit of placing mats on floors is to prolong the life of costly flooring and protect your premises. Finally, mats are designed to work as a system to not only remove soil from shoe bottoms but to prevent slips and promote safety.



It’s only fair to say that mats are one of the most effective ways to prevent trip and slip accidents especially now that the rainy season is around the corner.